22 September 2010

Have a Drink on Me!

            I was talking to “a friend” today at pick-up.  And by “friend” I mean one of the mommies at my kids’ preschool, that I’m trying very hard to impress so that maybe, just maybe, someday my children will be invited to a play date or a birthday party.  Sidebar (insert accusatory tone)—I was let in on the little secret that if the mommy throwing the party or hosting the play date doesn’t like YOU than your child will not be invited to any kiddie social function.  And during the course of the convo I learned that there are both pros and cons to blogging. The biggest con is that you tend to put all of the “good stuff” into the blog and if your friends follow your blog, then they really don’t need to ever see or talk to you, ever again.
           And that leads into con two; you tend to speak in blog talk.  Blog talk is where in the course of a human conversation, not Tweeting, IM-ing, or texting, the Blogger Mommy tends to quote her blog without realizing it.  In other words, you become that guy who tells the same stories over and over again and everyone is just too polite to tell him that they’ve heard this story twenty times before.  Not good…unless….
            But there can be a very serious pro to being a Blogger Mommy: (actually there are several but I’m going to brag a little here) Accidental Recognition!  So I was working every avenue I could think of to win over this mommy and frankly, I was losing her, when I said something that unexpectedly made her laugh.  It was unexpected because I wasn’t making a joke.  (It may come as a surprise you all of you but I’m really not this funny in real life.  Really.  It’s my tag line on my email and Facebook page.)  I can’t tell you what I said that made her laugh because her next comment wiped the English language from my mind.  “Oh you must follow Because I’m the Mommy too!  My girlfriends and I love that blog.”  After I finally got my brain to recognize what she said I explained that I was bcimthemommy.  Several squeals of delight later I’ve been invited to drinks with the girls and my “boys REALLY need to come over for a play date, soon”.   Oh yeah!  Bring on the swag!
            It occurs to me, that perhaps I've become too techno.  Because now I've developed a new phobia....  In fact, this new found celebrity has caused me more than a little anxiety.  Now I'm concerned that I'm being judged by my ads.  Mine are always "Stop Bad Behavior Now!"  and ads for ADHD medication.  What does it say about a family when Amazon has decided that it's a family full of medicated miscreants?  It says that maybe they know us too well....

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