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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bedtime Prayers

            We are a family that prays.  We pray when hurt.  We pray when scared.  We pray when happy.  We pray before meals and we pray before sleep.  We are a family that prays both solitarily and communally.  We pray the prayers of a family of faith.  We pray because we were taught to.  We pray because we were told to.  We pray because we need to!  We thank God for things for which we are thankful so that we always remember our many blessings. 
Today was a good day—God I am thankful.  We had a wonderful weekend with family—God I am thankful.  My husband has a good job that pays the bills and puts food on our table—God I am thankful!   
Every night as we put our children to bed my husband prays with our sons and I pray with our daughter.  It’s our routine.  Tonight we got the kids in their jammies and tucked them into their beds.  I cuddled up with Myriam and asked her the questions that I always ask. 
“Did you have fun at school today?”
“Umm, humm.”  (Yes)
            “Did you play with Morgan?  (Her friend)
            “Umm, humm.”  (Yes)
            “What was your favorite part of today?”
            “I go to school.”
The only time that Myriam really will carry on a conversation is at bedtime.  Maybe it’s the dark.  Maybe it’s because we are alone.  I don’t know but I always look forward to our conversations—God I am thankful.

 Tonight’s prayer brought to you by Myriam….
  “Dear God,
            Thank you for Mommy and Daddy.   Thank you for Nanas and Papas.  Thank you for Brothers and thank you for Jesus.  Oh and thank you for doll house and closets, for duck and ball, thank you for butterflies and drawers, and for Macy and Morgan.  And I like yogurt. And I like pumpkins.  Take care of our friends and family and watch over us while we sleep.  And thank you for Glucy!  Ha ha ha!” (I have no idea what a Glucy is, but apparently it’s very funny.)

Today was a good day—God I am thankful!                AMEN!

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