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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wordful Wednesday--Angry Birds

       The Hubby got a new phone a few months ago. Because of where we live, the boonies we are limited in the services that are provided to us. That's code for the phone companies are more than happy to sign us up for expensive data plans but neglect to tell us that we won't get good enough coverage to use said services. Did that sound bitter? (Because that's what I was going for!!!) But so far we aren't completely ready to tell this provider where they can shove their network disgusted by our current cell phone provider and on a plus side, we now have a phone that supports Porter's new obsession;

       Come to find out he's an Angry Birds sevant. He's cleared many a level that had stumped me the Hubby. In fact it's the only thing that I know will keep him still and quiet for more than a couple of minutes at a time.  We let him play for 20 minutes the day the picture was taken and it was HEAVENLY! No one fought. No one screamed. No one hit. Not a single tantrum...until we said it was time to stop.
It's blurry but you get the picture, right?
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