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Friday, July 15, 2011

Photo Challenge: Critters

      I'm linking up with Project Alicia and live and love...out loud! again for their Crazy Days Of Summer Photo Challenge. Here's the back story:  We had a little surprise waiting on our porch for us this past Sunday evening. We were all heading out the door for church when I hear a squeal of delight from Myriam, "Momma a birrrrrd! Look! It's a baby birrrrd!"
       Now I know that you aren't supposed to touch these helpless looking babies. And it IS kinda cute in a naked, buggy-eyed, scrawny kinda way. And I'm sure that it probably could fly--which what it was doing ALIVE on my railing and not dead with a broken neck from the 30 ft fall from the top of my oak tree. 
        I also know that this little guy is not as helpless as he looks because I was clicking away trying to find this feathered rat's best side, when here comes Mama Bluejay and she was PISSED! Gaw! I was even gonna wave my sitting fee! 
       I did manage to snap these few pictures with one hand while dodging and swatting at a dive-bombing-out-for-blood-crazy-assed-Momma-bird. Somehow (and thankfully) the Mama bird ignored Myriam completely.
       By the time we had returned home from church the baby bird and its crazy-assed-Momma had taken off. And since there weren't any signs of a baby bird massacre I can only assume that it flew off back to its homey nest in the top of my oak tree--at least that's what I told my kids and that's what I'm choosing to believe as well. Don't even think about bursting my little bubble here!
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