14 July 2011

Writer's Workshop--Funny Convos With the Hubby

       My Hubby thinks that he's funny and occasionally I would agree with him. Occasionally he says something that is so funny that I think--I should put that on the blog, but usually I don't because I'm too lazy to write it down I get distracted and can't get to the computer in time to remember it.  But lucky for you this time the Hubby happened to say this while I was at the computer! Ya know it would be a lot easier for me, if he would just do that every time and then I wouldn't have to struggle so.  So if he continues to be that considerate from now on this just may become a semi regular feature on the blog.  That is, if the Hubby says any more funny things. I mean, just because he thinks he's funny doesn't mean he is.... I can see now that there are an awful lot of ifs needed to make this happen...hmm....

       The Hubby and I have some hard financial decisions to make.  We need a new(er) vehicle.  Preferably something "family friendly".  Yes that's code for minivan. The world as I know it is coming to an end! *sob* But being that we are a single income family with a mortgage, preschool tuition for two children, and all of the normal bills and costs of a growing family, this is a very, very big decision. (I'm sure most of you can relate to our situation) And the fact is we just can't afford it right now.
       Frankly, the only way this is going to happen for us is either we wait a year so that we aren't paying tuition for two little boys or the Hubby (or I) gets another job. So we are discussing this rather grim topic on the way home from the dealerships and I point out that the entire reason I'm staying home is so we don't have to pay for childcare and extra wear and tear on an already old vehicle.
       Hubby:  "Well, I guess I could get a weekend job."
       Me:  "But then you'll never see the kids--or me for that matter!"
       Hubby:  "Well I guess I could sell my sperm."
       Me:  "Really? Who'd buy that?" *snicker, snicker*
       Hubby:  "Heeey!"
       Me:  "Yeah, I guess you could show pictures of our three beautiful children.  Like, SEE--you too could have children this beautiful if you use my sperm!"
      Hubby:  "Yeah, I do make pretty kids.  And besides I'm a GENIUS! Everybody wants a piece of that."
      Me:  *choke, cough, sputter* "A GENIUS? Really?"
      Hubby:  "Yeah! My mom says I'm a genius and that I'm awesome. My mom loves me."
      Me:  *laughing so hard I'm crying* "Yeah 'cause that's not a creepy ad slogan.  Use my sperm because my mom loves me and says I'm a genius!"
      Hubby:  "Don't forget awesome...."

And I'm gonna leave you today with Dictionary Time with Hubby.  The word for today is couture.

      Hubby:  Couture is French for pretentious douche, right?

Thank you! 
**This post was inspired by Mama Kat's--PRETTY MUCH WORLD FAMOUS--writer's workshop.

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