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Friday, August 12, 2011

Wordful Wednesday--I Missed Wednesday...Oops

I usually have a Wordful Wednesday--ya know, ON WEDNESDAY. But with all of the excitement read lack of sleep that's been going on around here lately I kinda...well, I forgot that it was Wednesday! Here's the post (that I already had written and ready to go) that I intended to post on Wednesday--cause I'm cool like that.

       I don't know if you remember the Bedtime Prayers post I did several months back but everyday since she mumbled those words, "And thank you for Glucy!"  I my whole family really have been on the hunt; the hunt to know what a "Glucy" was. And now we know....
Say hello to Glucy. Actually this is "Thumbelina" but she is one of the many "Glucys" that Myriam has acquired since we figured out that "Glucy" was Myriam speak for Lalaloopsy.

       We're all addicted to Lala's. Myriam has 5 or 6 of them I've kinda lost track. They make her incredibly happy. She even named them!!! I've used them stop a tantrum and to distract her during unpleasant doctor's appointments. They are pictured in her locker at school (Thanks Ginger for the great idea!) and they and their accessories are all over her bedroom floor. And frankly...I've said a little prayer in thankfulness for them too.

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