18 October 2011

WW: Funny Convos with the Hubby--The Tractor

And now it's time for Funny Convos with the Hubby, a part of the blog where I share a...funny convo I had with my Hubby.... *crickets*  Sorry this bit sounded a lot funnier in the shower.

The Setting: The kitchen, around dinner time. The children are hungry and running around a lot like "wild Indians"*. The Hubby has been on vacation all week and has just awakened from his afternoon nap. I am standing at the stove sauteing like my life depends on it--because it does, if the children don't like my dinner option, the threat of them turning cannibal is high. The Hubby sidles up behind me and places his hands provocatively on my hips and whispers in my ear....

Hubby:  "Honey, do you think my tractor's sexy?"
Me (irritably):  "You don't have a tractor you have a push mower."
Hubby (nuzzling my neck):  "In this case the "tractor" was a euphemism for..."

Hubby:  "You got the euphemism part, didn't you?"
Me:  "Yes dear."
Hubby:  *Sigh*

And thus concludes Funny Convos with the Hubby. Tune in next time when you might hear the Hubby say, "I think you've underestimated the deliciousness of SPAM and the important role it's had in our country's political expansion."

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Peace out!
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*I know "wild Indian" isn't a very politically correct term but it is a very descriptive one.

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