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Friday, November 4, 2011

Songs That Make Us Sing: Birthdays

     So around this time last year my Hubby and I went to two concerts. The first was AC/DC--the Hubby's favorite band. I'd never seen them in concert before. Yes I've lived under a rock my whole life. And we figured that they aren't getting any younger so if I was going to see them we'd better do it now. It was a great show--SO much fun.

Sidebar: The children LOVE AC/DC! They can identify the band just by the opening riff of any of their songs. (Although they call the band TNT.) And as soon as they do they throw horns and bang their head. It's AWESOME! Anyway back to the story....

The Hubby figured since I had so much fun at AC/DC that he would present me with more concert tickets for my birthday. Yes this is my way of telling you that November is my birthday month! The 18th of November to be specific. I don't know how old I'm gonna be; you'd hafta ask the Hubby. But my birthday is coming up soon! I'm listed on Amazon if you want to get me anything. Just joking. Kinda. I mean if you were to buy me something I'd take it. Probably. If it was cool. 

Well I'm sure that Ginger from (Not) Just Another Mom of Twins has already mailed my gift. Because that's the kind of bestie she is. That is if I told her my birthday is coming up... I'm sure I did... I tell everyone that my birthday is coming up.... Hmm.... Read the "rules" while I figure this out!
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Songs That Make Us Sing

So I said that I went to two concerts this time last year. The hubby surprised me with tickets to my favorite band, Bon Jovi; they performed one of my favorite songs.  Enjoy!

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Peace out!
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