Monday, April 16, 2012

Meditation Monday: THE Birthday Cake

   In case you've forgotten, Myriam left me with a very specific list of things she wanted for her birthday party.

Here's a refresher:

  • A mermaid Lalaloopsy birthday cake. CHECK
  • Flowers. Flowers everywhere.
  • Balloons. Lots and lots of balloons.
  • Party hats. Preferably crowns.
  • Presents, not just for her but for her guests too!
  • Family and friends to share in the fun.
  • And she may have mentioned she wanted 100 kittens
   This was, by far, the most difficult part of the list. But luckily for me I happen to have a friend who enjoys decorating cakes (and who was up for the scrutiny of an autistic brain).  
   Well, it's Monday again. It's time to take a second for yourself! So take a few deep breaths, find your inner calm--if necessary lock the kids in their closets. Enjoy!

Isn't she the cutest thing you've ever seen? Myriam LOVED it! Many thanks to my friend Carrie for working so hard on this cake and putting so much thought and detail into it. It was the hit of the party!
 Peace Out!
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