15 May 2012

Are YOU Mom Enough?

     Confession time! I am not, nor ever have been, a cloth diapering, baby-wearing, co-sleeping, attached parenting, breast feeding until my kid was old enough to unbutton my blouse 12 kinda parent. You're surprised, right? So when I saw the TIME cover I was disturbed, irritated, disappointed and generally rolling my eyes disgusted. Are YOU mom enough to read why?

     I'm from the Mid-West. Kansas if you didn't already know that. Generally speaking we are more conservative than well... just about anywhere ya'll are from. So my statement at the beginning of this post is probably a little sensational. (And if you're from the Mid-West you're probably wondering how or why or where you would want to wear a baby. You might also be wondering why co-sleeping with your spouse is an issue and you might think that attachment parenting has something to do with the surgical removal of that kid from that woman's boob shown above.)
     I'll be honest with you when I say I don't know anything about attachment parenting aside from what I read on Wikipedia and frankly, I got bored after a couple of paragraphs and stopped reading. Because of this lack of knowledge I don't subscribe to any of the attachment parenting doctrine. But I have a problem with the TIME cover and it has nothing to do with attachment parenting.
     I find the cover to be appalling. Not because I disagree with extended breastfeeding Even though it kind of creeps me out a little. SORRY! Just being honest. I feel this image is the epitome of sensationalism. I feel that TIME had the opportunity to present the topic of breast feeding in a positive light and they chose instead, to put a picture on the cover that was going to cause an even bigger divide between the two camps. Because believe me, seeing that image causes a visceral response in me and I'm Pro breast feeding!
     I have no problems with selling magazines but is TIME so hard up for a sale that they have to resort to this? I mean, putting a woman breast feeding a baby would have sold magazines too. Anything with boobs sells! Jeez! Even I know that....
*By the by, I'm not done with this topic yet. Check back with me tomorrow.

Peace Out!
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