Thursday, May 24, 2012

Writer's Workshop: Happy Birthday Baby(s)

2.) You got duped. What happened?

     When you have children, surprises abound. It's in the fine print. And I never read the fine print. I've learned that I fall into the same trap that just about everyone falls into; I never think that it could happen to me, but when it came to children I was SO wrong.

     Our first child was planned. The Hubby and I decided the time was right so we had a baby. It was shortly after her birth that we lost all semblance of control. Our daughter was about 6 months old when we learned that the pill isn't 100% effective I was pregnant. It would be only another 6 or 8 weeks and we would learn that our financial ruin was inevitable blessings had been doubled. TWINS! I was carrying twins. 


     That would be the first of many "surprises" concerning my boys. Born at 34 weeks my seven plus pound (each) boys would be the biggest NICU babies anyone had ever seen. The nurses teased that they "didn't know what to do with these toddlers!"

We were out of that NICU in 7 days.

     While my babies learned to breath on their own, my OBGYN tried to piece me back together after my previous C-section scar had reopened during my pregnancy. The old incision had ripped to twice its original size and the only thing keeping me from bleeding out was a 7 lb. backside shoved firmly into the tear acting as a stopper to the ever increasing hole. Big babies are a blessing indeed. Even if I hadn't seen my feet in 5 months!

My boys. My heart. My life savers.
My torment... my chaos....
My laughter.

My LOVES, times two!

Happy birthday boys.

Peace Out!

 This post was inspired by Mama Kat's Pretty Much World Famous Writing Workshop.
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