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Monday, July 9, 2012

Meditation Monday: The Haircut

    The Hubby and I had errands to run on Friday; I took Myriam to get her ears pierced (more on that later) and the Hubby had a doctor's appointment and needed to run to the library. Well, he decided to surprise me by taking the boys to get a much needed haircut. Usually Nana cuts the boys' hair, but she's been out with a bum knee for the past month so the Hubby took charge.

  Although I was very pleased with the initiative the Hubby took, I'm not sure that I'm as crazy about the results. Where'd my babies go? They look SO grown up with their big boy haircuts.
  Well it's Monday again. It's time to take a second for yourself! So take a few deep breaths, find your inner calm--if necessary lock the kids in their closets. Enjoy!

Peace Out!

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