Friday, July 13, 2012

Ode to the Maxi Dress

     As I sit here contemplating swimsuit season and all of the grooming required of it, and the impeding deforestation of my upper thighs and bikini line I am reminded of the good things that the summer season brings. You know, seasonal fruits and vegetables, warmer days, the end of school, porch beers and the maxi dress.

Ah... the maxi dress....

           Has a dress ever more perfectly been made?
           Bosom enhancing,
           Lump smoothing,
          Flaw detracting--goddess inspired glory!

          Brilliance both in form and function.
          Flowing glamour,
          Ease of wear,
          Summertime formal--comfort incarnate!

          Oh, maxi dress!
          Friend to all women,
          All sizes large and small,
          You flatter us all--it's true!

          My love of you knows no limits. 
          Reasons abound...

But mostly it's because it allows me to go without shaving my legs.

What? You were expecting Emerson?

Have a great day folks!

Peace Out!
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