27 August 2012

Meditation Monday: The Promise of Rain

     It's been a rough summer in the mid-west. We've had NO rain. Not good if you're a farmer. (Not good if you have a lawn either.) I've watched fields planted, grow and then shrivel up and blow away. I've listened to friends talk about getting rid of cattle and horses because they can't afford to feed them. Most have been feeding them hay already and winter may be a long cold one. All summer we've looked to the sky for relief and watched clouds blow past us with nary a drop. But this weekend we were blessed! It rained.

     Well, it's Monday again. It's time to take a second for yourself! So take a few deep breaths, find your inner calm--if necessary lock the kids in their closets. Enjoy!

The brief moments of sunshine only brought our good fortune into sharper focus. One rain isn't going to make up for a very dry spring/summer but it's a very good start.

Peace Out!
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