30 August 2012

Writer's Workshop: A Lesson Learned

Share something your child taught YOU about parenting

     Being a parent means learning a lot of new skills, how to change a diaper and later how to potty train, breastfeeding and bottle making, learning that you'll never get another good night's sleep again.... (Ok I really can't think of anymore skills needed to parent a child once you have the input/output thing and sleep deprivation covered, it's pretty much a free-for-all.)

But seriously, my children have taught me so many important lessons.

The first, is focus on the task at hand.

My yard is bereft of grass because of the drought and the fact that my boys feel the need to build a "road" through it!
Second, relish the simple things.

A green log and a piece of bark (that Porter uses like a shovel) has kept him entertained for hours.
Who needs expensive toys?
They have also taught me that exuberance and joy are learned behaviors that should be engaged in often.

Driving on the "road". If his "driving" skills don't improve, I will NEVER allow him behind the wheel.
 But mostly they have taught me that cleanliness and KIDS SHOES are optional! *smh*

Why can't we have clean feet?!?! We have giant dirt pile in the front yard and the first thing we do when we get outside is stick our feet in it!
Gotta keep my mind on that whole joy thing....

Many thanks to Barratts.

Peace Out!

This post was inspired by Mama Kat's Pretty Much World Famous Writing Workshop.

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