#wordlesswednesday w/LINKY: Hello Instagram

     I have recently stepped out of the dark ages and into... yesterday. I have a "new" cell phone. It's not an iPhone and it's not the latest nor the greatest but it is Android powered and it has a decent camera phone, which means now I can jump on the Instagram bandwagon! (Hey, it's exciting to me.)

I've just started playing with Instagram and so far I've caught glimpses of the sun
breaking out behind the clouds.

I've introduced Pac Man to the next generation.

I've captured the love between siblings.

And I've memorialized the loss of a friend. 

     So, are you on Instagram and are you as in love with it as I am? Like I said, I'm arriving late to the party, so I'm still trying to find my friends but if you would like a glimpse into my world, gimme a follow!

Peace Out!


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