New House Daydreams

     Don't get me wrong, our current home has been great! And when I first bought it, as a single lady, I never imagined outgrowing it. But it's just getting a little too snug in here. My kitchen is small and needs a couple more cabinets and my living room is small and I would love to have a sectional. Closet space I have in abundance but overall square footage is lacking. And the one-bathroom-for-five-people-thing is just impossible.
     But my house hasn't sold yet. So I spend an unhealthy amount of time perusing my real estate agency's website of listed homes. I save the one's I think I like (because I'm not actually going to view any homes until someone wants mine) and sometimes cry when they sell. I DID say that it was an unhealthy pastime! But I also dream about how I want to decorate the new house and that's just F-U-N, fun!

     Luckily, Mail Order Rugs is right there for me. On the rug part, not the ensuite. At least I didn't see anything about an ensuite on their site.... In fact, I've been pinning rugs and pillows to my heart's content to my Decorating for Children and New Home Stuff boards on Pinterest!

Rugs like this beauty!

Be still my beating heart.

And then I saw this pillow. Gasp!
Don't even get me started on the Pebble Rugs. How cute would this be in a playroom?

They have Pebble Pillows too! And this Spiky Ball Pillow in smoke that I think might be the coolest thing, like, ever! So if you're looking for modern rugs, they're available here.

*I admit that I was compensated for this post and I really wish they'd paid me in rugs because DUDE! Some of these rugs really rock. Anyway, all opinions are my own and even if you don't like the stuff I like, check out their site because I'm sure there's stuff there that you will like. 

Peace Out!
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