WW: The Tuba Line w/LINKY

     Everyone loves a parade, right? Well, here in Podunk, as in many small towns all over these United States, Labor Day means tractor pulls, barbecue and parades. I photograph the parade every year and every year my thirst for shiny things is slated (for a few moments, anyway) by the Wildcat marching band's tuba line.

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Here in Podunk the parade begins the same way every year;

with the flyover. 

The children focus on one thing; the candy!

And this year was a record year! Almost SEVEN pounds, was gathered by my children. 

But for me, it was all about the tubas.**

How can you not like that?

So shiny that you can see the parade in reverse, reflected in their bells.

I love a parade!

**Band Geek Alert**
Before you tell me, I know that technically those are sousaphones reglan hinta and not "tubas". But honestly now, how many of you really knew that before I told you?

Peace Out!
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