Yes... I'm a crazy chicken lady. *sigh*

Ever since I first heard about the backyard chicken craze, I wanted chickens. I loved the idea of fresh eggs. I wanted a cute, little, dollhouse, coop decorating my backyard. I wanted fluffy chicken butts running around my yard and I wanted my kids to cart chickens around like a living, clucking.. er... chickens.

This is Myrtle, our Golden Laced Wyandotte. 
I was at least smart about how I started. I researched the care and feeding of the backyard flock. I studied the breeds and weighed the merits of temperament versus egg production. I learned about AI (bird flu), fowl pox, lice, mites, bumble foot, Merek's disease and how to treat frostbite. I poured over coop designs and weighed the benefits of sanding in the run or using a deep litter method. I lived and breathed internet chicken searches! My husband bought me books and listened to me talk about egg colors and how the chicken's earlobes determine that. (Yes, chickens have earlobes and they NOT, the feather color determine the egg color.)

Eventually, we were given a coop from a family member. We refurb-ed it and bought the first of our hens. We loved them! We fed them, we watered them, we shoveled their (abundant) poop and we were rewarded with our first egg!

Now, I realize that I am addicted. In three short months I went from a passing interest to a full blown addiction. Four hens turned into six... OK! I have eight. Shh... I haven't told The Hubby. I'm trying to figure out how to expand my coop and talk my neighbor into allowing MY chickens to have a chicken tunnel through HER yard. I troll the chicken boards (Yes, there is such a thing, even I'm disturbed that I know this.) looking for new breeds, new feed types, and recipes for cupcakes for chickens! (Don't worry. I'll post my own version of the recipe soon.)


I just want ALL the chickens! Is that too much to ask?

Peace Out!
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