Hi and welcome to my blog. I really think parents need to lighten up; I mean, if parenting was meant to be a serious endeavor they'd offer classes! Oh, wait....

The Good, the Bad, and Call Social Services! (Faves)

I know you do it because I do it too.  You find a blog that's entertaining and the first thing you do is scroll through all of it to find the first entry--see how it all began, as it were.  Well, I'll make it easy for you.  Identity Lost was my first entry.  And now on to my greatest hits...kinda....

The Good
There are a few posts that seem to touch people.  Me included.  Usually those are the posts that touch on Myriam and our family's journey with Autism.  My favorites are listed below.

Toe Walking and Other Oddities--This post explains some of the relatively unknown and odd symptoms of Autism.

The Road--Part 1
The Road--Part 2--Our family's journey from
The Road--Part 3     diagnosis to acceptance.
The Road--Part 4       

The Bad
Then there are the posts that give you non-multiple-having-parents out there a glimpse into my reality.  Here's a couple that seem to be favorites of those of you that read my blog. 

Not That Kind of Mommy--A little about me.
Facebook, Mass Destruction, and Al Gore
I'm Really Like Indiana Jones

Call Social Services!
And then there's the low moments, the WTF moments, the-whoever-let-her-out-of-the-hospital-with-a-kid moments.

Mommy Island--Four words:  Maple syrup, mattress,
Low Moments in Parenting--It reads from bad...
Snowmageddon Missive 2011--To worse!

So there it is folks.  My blog:  the CliffsNotes version.   
     Peace out!

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