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Monday, March 5, 2012

Meditation Monday: The Camping Trip

   Nearly every Friday, my parents each take a child to spend the night with them. It gives every child some much needed one on one time. I admit it folks, there aren't enough hours in the day to give every child the undivided attention that they each deserve. This is how we deal with that.
   But there is always one child that is "left out" because we all know it's much cooler to go with Nana or Papa than stay home. So the Hubby and I try to make the time spent with us just as much fun as time spent with Nana and Papa. On this particular Friday we decided that it was time to go camping!

   Well it's Monday again. It's time to take a second for yourself! So take a few deep breaths, find your inner calm--if necessary lock the kids in their closets. Enjoy!

Since it's still technically winter in this part of the world, we decided that we'd be better served if we "camped" indoors.
Peace Out!

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