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Friday, March 2, 2012

The View From the Loo and My Real Weight

     Ok. I know that those things really don't sound like they should go (I love puns) together but work with me here.

     I'm always amazed at how my daughter's mind works. We have recently just taken down all of the "winter" decor. Because of Myriam's autism we have to un-decorate from Christmas pretty slowly. I solved this problem by having Christmas decor and Winter decor. After Thanksgiving both "decors" go up. After the New Year's bell has rung the Christmas decor comes down but the Winter decor stays up until it no longer feels winter-y outside; this year it came down last week. This concession has saved us many tears and unnecessary fits.
    So while Myriam was a school I took down the Winter decor. I knew she would notice the many missing snowmen that littered the majority of flat surfaces and various nooks and crannies. And sure enough, upon returning home from school Myriam remarked that Christmas was over and the snowmen were gone. She wasn't the least bit upset so that's a big win in our book!

One shelf of my milk glass cabinet. My "new" bird is on the left.
     It just so happened that this day coincided with my weekly weigh. I have officially lost 26.4 lbs. Which means I was awarded a small "coin" for losing my first 25 lbs. And that's all well and good but I felt the need to reward myself. So after the meeting I headed out to an antique store that I've noticed several times, but since I was never without children I just passed on by. On this day I happened to be child free so I went in and there, in a locked case, was this cute little bird dish. I collect milk glass so this little guy was right up my alley. When I got home I removed the tag, washed him up, put him in my milk glass cabinet in my bathroom and didn't give him another thought.
This is the view from "the loo".
How did she notice that?
 When Myriam comes home from school she heads straight to the bathroom. (We sometimes have "bathroom issues" when we are away from home. Which means she doesn't always use bathrooms that aren't familiar to her and school sometimes qualifies as an unfamiliar bathroom.) As I'm hanging up coats, packbacks and putting shoes in their place I hear Myriam comment from the bathroom. "Well hello, pretty, little birdy. Aren't you sweet? I love you, birdy." In all of the jumble of my milk glass cabinet she noticed the one new item!

Current Weight:  282.8 lbs.                    Weight Loss:  26.4 lbs.

Peace Out!

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