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Friday, May 25, 2012

The Mommy Blues

     Well, yesterday was a big day in the Mommy Household! My babies turned FIVE and Myriam is officially a first grader! I'm not really sure how I feel about all this change. I mean I always swore that I would never be one of those sappy, emotional, wrecks sappy, emotional, wrecks (sorry but I decided that WAS the wording I wanted to use). But I'll be honest I'm a little... wrecked.

How can you not love these faces?

     All week I've done my best to avoid any semblance of emotionality to prepare for the boys' birthday. I've never been a soft overtly emotional ill prepared type of person. But all week I've found myself wiping away stray tears behind the eight ball. The party celebration for the boys was a much more melancholy quieter affair than Myriam's party and I'm not sure if that's because my babies are growing up and going to leave me the boys had no set ideas of what their party should be like or because I'm getting old and getting closer to death they're boys and the themes just aren't as much fun. Either way it was still a nice reminder of my mortality celebration.
     Now that the house is free of the celebration debris, the cake eaten in an effort to stuff the emotion down, and the guests have departed; I sit in my quiet house wondering about my children's future. And I realize that even though I am old my children are growing older it doesn't change how I feel about them or even them me. Will our relationship change? Of course! It was always meant to. Otherwise it would be really creepy and a little sick. See Norman Bates or any slasher movie villain.
     And that is the key to the mother/child relationship! As the children grow up the mother must release her strangle hold on them. She must be the less selfish one and embrace the change even while smiling through the tears....

Peace Out!
*Sorry for the overly emotional post. I try to keep all that mushy stuff at bay but sometimes it comes out when I'm drunk I least expect it.
**You should seriously ask me for my faux-jito punch recipe and then you can be all drunk emotional too!

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