30 November 2012

A Note From the Mommy: I Need Some Mothering

Hey All,
     I'm sick. I have an awful sinus infection. In fact, it's so bad that my doctor has decided that I need to see an Ear/Nose and Throat guy. A specialist. Yuck!
     You may be wondering why this is big news and the answer is because my appointment isn't until Monday afternoon, which means that I have to make it all weekend long without the help of good drugs. And that means, I need some mothering here and since I know most of you are in fact mothers, I thought I would get a little advice.

The background: My sinuses are so filled with nastiness that they are swollen and compressing the Eustachian tube in my ear. With that tube effectively blocked, my ear cannot drain fluids, air cannot reach my ear drum and equal pressure isn't maintained. All that means that I can't hear out of my right ear and there is intense pressure and some pain. Oh, and my balance SUCKS! Good times, right?

Translation: I'm pretty much dealing with a raging sinus headache and earache at the same time. Rockin' cool, right?

     I've already done a round of strong steroids with no results and now I'm waiting to see the ENT. So my question to ya'll is what good, old-fashioned, cure alls do you have in your Mommy-bag-of-tricks? I need something to just get me by until the ENT can fix what ails me. Something that works for pain and pressure.

Come on ladies! Help a Mommy out!

Peace Out!
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