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Welcome potential business partner!
I'm impressed with your advertising savvy. It's great that you recognize that working with mommy bloggers has become one of the hottest trends going. First off,  I would like to say that I enjoy working with businesses--big and small. I especially love working with local businesses. So if you are located in eastern Kansas, you already have a soft spot in my heart! If you are interested in advertising with me, having a product reviewed or given away to my fantastic fans, let's hook up!

You may email Becca Burton (aka The Mommy) at:
bcimthemommy {at} yahoo {dot} com

Services Provided by the Mommy Household
Reviews, giveaways, sponsored posts, guest posting, ad space or a business introductions.

("The Household" consists of a husband, wife, 6 year-old daughter with special needs, 5 year-old set of twin sons, 2 dysfunctional dogs ranging in size from toy to large breed and an aquarium full of fresh water fish that are probably circling the bowl for the last time.)

Reviews Only--$50 worth of product or service
                          (or the product/service + additional fee = $50)
You will be required to send a full size product, (which won't be returned to you) for my family and I to try. I only accept full size products because in order to provide my readers with a true review I will need to try your product more than once. I will then write an honest review of your product mentioning ease of use and quality. (I will never write a negative review without first contacting you to find out how you would like to proceed.) The review will also contain pictures (either candid or provided by you) of the product and the appropriate backlinks to your site and or Facebook page. These posts will be tweeted, posted to my Facebook page, and burned to my RSS.

Review + Giveaways--Free
                          (As long as the cash value of said product is over $50.)
Because of the time it takes to prepare a giveaway I am only interested in items that are of a higher retail value or something I feel strongly about. Again you must send a full size sample for the review. You will be responsible for shipping the winner their prize. I will provide you with the appropriate mailing information to do so. The entry process will include but not be limited to a Facebook "like", a Twitter follow and a possible visit to your site, in order to answer a pre-set question.

Business Introduction--$50 (Trade work is also an option.)
I have two semi-regular features on the blog. The first is my Living! (On the Cheap) series and the second is the IN My Backyard both deal with area attractions, organizations or businesses that cater to families, mothers, or fun! I will write a feature about that business or attraction to run on a high volume day (usually Tuesday-Thursday) encouraging my readers to check it out for themselves. Candid photos will be used along with the appropriate backlinks and/or contact info.

Types of Advertising Opportunities

Press Release/Sponsored Post
  • 300-400 words covering the goods and services provided by your brand,
  • Written by you (and reviewed and approved by me) or written by little ole me.
  • The post will include 2-3 text links with the pre-agreed upon verbage of choice.
  • Press ready images can be used if provided or I will provide a minimum of one "action shot".
Text Links in Old Posts
    • Keyword links in previously written posts.
    • 2-3 links per post.

Ad Rates

Press Release/Sponsored Post
    • Text provided with 1 link-- $25
    • Text provided with 2-3 links-- $35
    • Written by me, 200-300 words, 1 link-- $50
    • Written by me, 301-400 words, 2-3 links-- $75
Banner Ads
  • 350 x 120 pixels
  • Above the fold location
  • Only 1 banner will will fly on this blog
  • 1 month-- $80
  • 3 months-- $160
Button Ads
  • 125 X 125 pixels
  • 1 month-- $30
  • 3 months-- $80
  • 6 months-- $150
  • 12 months-- $300
    Please note I only accept advertising from folks that are family friendly, fit with my personal sense of style and that I feel would be of interest or useful to my audience. If you feel you fit my criteria then let's chat! If you have any comments or questions you should know what to do by now.  I'm waiting to hear from you!

    I will leave you with a letter from a fan.

      Still waiting... hurry up already!
      Just so you know, as my Klout score goes up so do my prices! ;)
      You should book with me while I'm still cheap.                       
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