04 December 2012

Funny Convos with Myriam: The Hair Cut

     This post is along the same lines as the Funny Convos with the Hubby genre, except the convo is with my six year-old autistic, daughter, Myriam. Hmm... put the Hubby in a dress and it's really not that much different.... Ok that was a disturbing image. Sorry 'bout that.

Disclaimer: Because I've been sick my "personal hygiene" may not be up to its normal standard.

     With that being said I'll set the scene. I've just crawled out of bed at the crack of afternoon. I'm sitting in my chair, feeling miserable when my daughter asks to sit on my lap. Myriam isn't the cuddliest of children so when she does want to cuddle, I seldom ever deny her. So she plops herself down on my lap and proceeds to get comfy by curling her entire body into the chair with me. I move to make room for her and place my arm across the back of the chair.

Myriam (while staring intently at my shoulder): Mommy! Why you have hair?
Me: You have hair too. Why do you have hair?
Myriam: No. Not there. (pointing at my underarm)
Me: Uh....
Myriam: You need a hair cut. I go get the scissors!
The Hubby: Myriam tell Mommy that she can borrow my Weed Whacker for her legs!

I promptly got up and took a shower. The Hubby promptly made himself an appointment with a chiropractor; sleeping on the couch for three nights will do a number on your back.

Peace Out!

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