26 February 2013


This will give you a little sneak peek into my current psyche. I know you were wondering.

Watching: "Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle"
Yeah... I've never seen it before. I'm just taking a little break from the "Lost Girl" marathon I've embarked on. What? We're snowed in here....

Doing: Getting my grocery list together so that I can prepare for SNOMG, Part Deux.
I've got to keep the children from going cannibal and the weather man is predicting another 12+ inches. *sigh*

Feeling; I hate snow!
I've never liked snow. In fact, I want to live somewhere where it's about 80 degrees and sunny year round, preferably near water and a fully stocked bar. Someone tell me where that is. Please.

Listening: The bickering of my three children.
We've been snowbound for the past four days. Lemme give a little sampling of what I've dealt with. The kids go out to play in the snow and are out there for about an hour. They come in all pink, wet and cold and demand hot chocolate. Only after I've slaved away over a hot microwave and presented the ungrateful, little monsters with their not-too-hot-hot-chocolate do they remember that they don't like hot chocolate, nor do they like being cold and wet. And thus the whining begins anew. (Please note they did the exact same thing the day before....)

Reading: "Beautiful Creatures"
I've read the first page about seven times now because every time I sit down to read it one of the children burst in with a, "Hey, momma you gotta see/come/fix/kiss/make-my-sibling-give-back-whatever-I-think-they-took-from-me-even-though-I-probably-didn't-want-it-until-they-had-it, right this second!"

Laughing: Yes! I just got to the Neil Patrick Harris part of the movie.
"Did Doogie Howser just steal my f&^%ing car?" Oh my....

What are ya'll currently up to?

Peace Out!
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