12 July 2011

The Real Scoop

       I think I mentioned that I was featured in my local newspaper last week. Well if I didn't, I was interviewed by my local newspaper after they found out that my wildly successful blog was probably getting more pageviews than their website existed. I get that it was probably a slow news week, but apparently very few people in my area know what a blog is let alone have one that is getting nearly 5000 pageviews a month. (And I know that a lot of you are doing more than that. Well, watch out! I'm moving on up!) And if you would like to read the online version of that story check it out here. (Please don't mention how bad the photo is--and if you don't think it's bad then REALLY don't mention it!)
       I have an issue with that article. And that issue is... that they missed the real story! Yes, I'm a mommy that writes about my family and about autism but what I think I ultimately write about is finding my own self worth. That was the ultimate purpose of this blog--finding me.
       It's so easy, as a woman, to wrap your identity up in what you are doing and lose who you are as a person in the process. Whether it's being a mother or being a job title it's easy to forget that you are a person outside of those roles. For me, it was the job title. I began writing this blog to try to reconnect with the woman I was after I punched out. Except the job was so encompassing that without it, there wasn't much of me left.
       I was lost after I lost my job. I didn't know who I was or who I was supposed to be. I wasn't even sure that I liked the person/job anymore. Staying home with my three young children proved to be harder still. I was unprepared for their constant demands and for the isolation. Two and three year-olds aren't known to be the greatest conversationalists. My husband's commute was (and still is) staggering and by the time he had worked all day and fought rush hour traffic twice, he was ready to veg, play with the kids and go to bed--not deal with a needy and ever so slightly crazy wife.
       The internet proved to be the answer for me. I found comfort and solace and a community of women that not only understood, they were living it too. These women gave me what I had been craving--understanding, support, information and friendship. These women helped me remember who I was. They reminded me that I'm creative and funny and that I'm more than a title--even if that title is Mommy. I'm more than just the Mommy. I am a woman with a voice and story to tell and that was the real scoop!

Peace out!
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