24 August 2012

Social Media Gone Wrong

     Several months ago I wrote a rant/post that hurt someone's feelings. This person incorrectly believed that the post was directed at her and needless to say we haven't spoken since. This isn't the first misunderstanding she and I have had through the years and no matter what I say she'll never believe that she the post wasn't about her and our relationship will forever be irrevocably damaged.

     This post isn't about her. I am just using this situation as an example of how easy it is to forget that real people are reading what I'm putting out here and that I have a responsibility to my readers to be honest, forthright and most of all responsible.
     Social media is a fickle mistress. Sites like Twitter and Facebook make it very easy to "share" our most intimate thoughts, feelings and the worst parts of ourselves. It is very easy to thoughtlessly say and post things that our typical social graces would keep us from ever sharing face to face.
     I have a couple of friends embroiled in a Facebook inspired feud as we speak, all because of a few hastily typed words. The danger arises from the ease and speed of use. The human brain hasn't yet evolved a social media filter to prevent such catastrophes from occurring and since we are only a generation or two removed from the inception of social media, said filter is still a few years coming.
     As a self proclaimed social media maven, I am at a loss as to what should be done. It's easy to apologize for incendiary comments made after the flames have died down but, like the most persistent of memes, their ashes continue to smolder. I for one, will make every attempt to keep my responsibility to my readers, friends and family in the forefront of my mind at every post. I hope we can all more forward from these incidents with a better understanding of each other and a new found respect of the medium.

Peace Out!
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