Walk a Mile in My Shoes

     I'm a mom. Shocker, right? And as a mom, I spend the majority of my time on my feet. I chase kids, dogs, and the ever elusive nap. I haul dirty laundry downstairs and clean laundry upstairs. I shop, cart and tote groceries (and often times children). I am constantly on the go and I have the ache in my feet to prove it. I'm a mom, achy feet are pretty par for the course, right?

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Happy Halloween

Peace Out!
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Hurt, Anger and Guilt

I need to rant and it isn't going to be funny. If you're looking for funny, come back tomorrow; maybe I can help you out then. 
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A Note from the Mommy: My Mom, Many Thanks, and Sponsored Posts

I know. I've been absent. Kinda.

My Mom
Last time we talked I had pretty bleak news about my mom. A lot has changed. I'm no longer living at her hospital but then neither is she. She's in a rehab clinic/skilled nursing facility/nursing home. It's such an ugly word; nursing home, isn't it? I know I'm hating it a lot and so is she.

She's doing better. She's still broken but she's healing. Trying to keep her spirits up is hard, especially when she continues to have pain control issues and then poor reactions to the pain medicine. Those reactions have been harder to deal with than the injuries, for me anyway. The drugs have made her cranky, irritable, and sometimes worse. It's hard to deal with your parent losing touch with reality, even when you know it's the meds that are doing it; as the child, it's hard to witness.

Thank You
There are so many people that have helped my family, that I need to thank. From friends who cleaned my house and fed my family, while I lived at a hospital. To the Scout leader that arranged for my daughter to make it to and from the meetings. To the friends that understood when to ask me about my mom and when not to (and kept me stocked up on coffee) and everyone that continues to pray for my mom's recovery; I thank all of you.

Sponsored Posts
Help sometimes comes in the strangest forms and for me work has been both a blessing and a curse. Those of you that read my blog regularly, I'm sure have noticed a rise in "sponsored material". Frankly, I'm having a hard time keeping it all straight right now.

And that's been a blessing.

The twenty minutes to an hour that it took  me to write that paid post was time that I could forget about the hospital and nursing home. It's been time that I HAD to concentrate on anything else, from rugs and lighting to yummy eats. Those sponsors deserve my thanks too. If for no other reason than they gave me an excuse to forget for awhile.

So please, read those posts and click on the links. Those posts are doing more than paying my bills; they're easing my mind.

I thank them for coming along when they did and I thank all of you for continuing to share this journey with me.

Peace Out!
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#PillsburyBiscuits #Sponsored Back-to-School Lunches: Getting back into the swing.

I don't know about y'all but we're at mid-quarter here, in Podunk and I'm still dragging these kids, kicking and screaming, from their beds every morning, to get them on the bus. And the HOMEWORK.... Ugh! I don't remember doing homework in the first and second grades but, whatever. Point is, I just can't seem to get this routine down. Luckily, for me Pillsbury has my back, achat levitra belgique because one of the few things I don't have to sweat is what to pack in my kids' lunches.
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