02 October 2012

Avoidance, Thy Name is Mommy!

     So this past weekend (Thursday through Saturday) was Podunk's annual City Wide Garage Sale. (Are you sick of garage sale posts yet?) I was in my little corner of Nirvana. The potential for fun was super HIGH! I had my momma with me, the entire town was out to buy, sell and gab, and there were deals to be had.... See? Nirvana.
     Day one was fan-FREAKING-tastic! I wheeled and I dealed.( If you'd like to see some of the awesome-ness you can check out my first garage sale post.) But all silver linings must have a dark cloud and mine appeared shortly after my first stop on day two.
     Our first stop wasn't remarkable; I picked up some cuff links for a quarter, but on our way to the second stop I noticed a person chatting the ear off of some poor, unsuspecting, garage sale-er. As we inched forward on the car lined street I realized exactly who the chatty Kathy was--it was "Tiny Cowboy's" wife! For those of you not familiar with the wife of "Tiny Cowboy" please check out the post I did introducing "Tiny Cowboy" to the world. (You really need to read both of these posts because I'm not sure I've ever told ya'll that "Tiny Cowboy" and "Little Miss Goddess Cup" are in fact married.)

     There I was, stuck in a subdivision with only one way in or out--every road is a dead end. I never understood the need for the dark tint on my momma's car windows until this moment and I thanked God for the person that tinted them because I was able to blow past the garage sale in relative anonymity. But the problem remained. How in the world was I going to get out of suburban hell? After explaining my actions to my momma she was all for finding an alternative exit--she'd had a run in with Miss GC while at the pharmacy with me and got to hear all about Miss GC's battle with heat rash, including really nasty pictures of the underside of her breasts. (I cannot make this shit up.)
     So I did the only totally rational thing I could do. I drove over the grassy-median-sidewalk-thingie that was separating one subdivision from the other and laid more than a little unnecessary rubber on the side street as we got the hell outta there!
     Was I over reacting? I don't know. Would you like to see her heat rash pictures? She'll text them to me and I can forward them on.... What I do know is that sometimes in life, you just have to do things that you never thought you'd ever do. What have you done to avoid talking/seeing someone you don't like?
Peace Out!
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